Maine Blog Connection is a local business, combining my love for Maine with my love of writing.

I grew up in the Midcoast area, exploring all its natural wonders and history.  After living out−of−state for several years, I am happy to have returned home to stay, along with my husband and our two children.  I am excited to share the beauty and diversity of the area with tourists and locals – your customers and clients – through my custom blogging service, Maine Blog Connection.

My appreciation for our state began in ernest after high school, when I became an intern at the Penobscot Area Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Mid-Coast Chamber of Commerce).  This opportunity opened my eyes to all that Maine had to offer and gave me a glimpse into the ways area businesses support each other.  After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross with a BA in English Literature, I returned to the area and wrote radio advertising copy for several years before switching careers to become an elementary teacher.  After eleven years of teaching, I began a new career as a work-from-home writer, blogging for a well-known content and blog writing service.  I am looking forward to using my blogging experience to help promote area businesses just like yours.  Click here for more information on my blog writing services.