I offer …

  • Professional, customized blog writing services
  • Quality web content
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs and budget
  • Fast turn-around times

Ways To Use My Services

  • As an exclusive blogging service that contributes all your blogs
  • As a temporary, exclusive blogging service during the busy summer months
  • As a fill-in blogging service during vacations and holidays
  • As a one-time blogging service to highlight a special event
  • As a way to connect with your business partners through reciprocal blogs
  • To create new content for your website
  • To add new, relevant content to your website
  • To expand your website with new pages

Blog Length and Rate

  • 200-300 words:    $25.00  (Recommended)
  • 400-600 words:    $50.00
  • 800-1000 words:  $100.00

Web Content Writing

  • $35.00 per hour
  • Project Rates Negotiable
  • Non-profit Rates Available